How does the relationship between form and movement shape the surreal body?


As an examination of a flux approach to fashion, the interplay of garment and body is accentuated when movement is added to draped structures, from which new sculptural forms are discovered. 

This embodied design practice extends to explore the relationship between silhouette and optical illusions by incorporating pattern and print.

These textiles have been generated from an overall cyclical design process where drape ideas inform hand-generated illustrative works, which then inform not only the final garments but the prints which adorn these fabrics. 




CONTINUUM  /  2015










How we dress  /  What we wear  /  How we belong


Whether belonging to a time period or to a family, for centuries dress has defined distinctions between individuals and groups, as both a form of expression and as a social construct. 

Through the union of draped silhouettes and hand-generated textile pattern, CONTINUUM will attempt to reflect a connection between 1940s daywear and contemporary fashion design via a contemporary appropriation of this era of dress.